Email marketing. So much more fun than cold calling!

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Four Six Commerce is proud to have achieved official MailChimp expert status! Anyone who tells you that email marketing is dead, isn’t paying attention. And they probably don’t craft amazing content, either. Content marketing is more important than ever before, and email is still one of the best methods for distributing your original, killer content. If done right, email is still a serious force to be reckoned with. In our opinion MailChimp delivers the most intuitive, cost effective platform out there.

So you recognize that email marketing is important? Good first step! Not sure where to go from there?
How do you build a following? How does email fit into your overall marketing strategy? What’s the right mix of graphics and text? What’s a good open rate? What’s a good click rate? Should you do A/B testing? Is automation important?

There’s so much more to effective email marketing than just putting letters and images on the page. Err, screen. You get the idea. Most of our small business clients utilize us in a training capacity. Let us help you develop all the skills needed to handle and totally dominate your own email marketing.

Did you watch the video?
In addition to great integrations with Shopify and BigCommerce, MailChimp is now providing the functionality you need to manage Facebook advertising campaigns. Great, right? These integrations deliver the ability to grow your audience, grow your brand, and do some amazing marketing. Want to make the most of your MailChimp account?

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