I’m John Bishop - the Founder, CEO, Purveyor of Ideas, and Chief Bottle Washer at Four Six Commerce!

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To quote Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, “entrepreneurship is jumping off a cliff and assembling a plane on the way down.” Nothing more accurately summarizes the reality that has been the development of Four Six Commerce - my third entrepreneurial endeavor.

The foundation of Four Six Commerce is more than ten years of hard-earned digital expertise I gained helping a struggling eBay business transform itself into a profitable multi-channel retail operation. In August of 2014, I made the choice to forego opportunities to enter the “big leagues” of e-commerce, opting instead to put my broad skill set to work as a consultant. Thus, Four Six Commerce was born. The experience has been nothing short of remarkable. The people I have met along the way nothing short of inspiring.

Four Six Commerce has served as a much needed mentor to our clients every step of the way, helping them to sell more yoga pants, motorcycle helmets, auto parts, baseball cards, fine jewelry, mattresses, dog toys, eyewear, home decor, air compressors, apparel, golf clubs, and protein powder - among other things. I am grateful to the many clients, and partners, that have put their trust in us these past three years.

It is no secret that online retail is changing at an exponential pace. The e-commerce landscape is becoming more challenging by the day. As Four Six Commerce kicks off its fourth year in business, my commitment is to keep you ahead of the curve. We will be ramping up our efforts to distribute more original content about industry trends that impact your business. Please stay tuned for that.

Finally, to those of you that have made Four Six Commerce what it is today, thank you for all that you have done. Here’s to many more years!

- John

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