Outsourcing Your Authenticity

Four Six Commerce is a legitimate small business. Always grinding and looking to keep the workflow going. We participate in a variety of forums, belong to e-commerce focused social media groups, get a fair amount of leads from the organic traffic that hits our website, and of course we get referrals courtesy of past and current clients. I never know where our next client or project will come from and would not change that for the world.

A couple years ago, as we were ramping up the business, I stumbled across a website called Outsource.com. It's a simple platform that connects small and mid-size business owners with freelancers that offer all manner of services. Those seeking help post ads - for free - detailing their needs. Freelancers and agencies - like us - spend a few bucks to respond to the ads and bid on the work. The Outsource.com platform delivers Four Six Commerce maybe one solid client lead a week. To find that lead we sift through dozens of eye-opening emails.

Why should you care? Why share this with you? Because these emails present the perfect opportunity to hammer home a lesson about the importance of authenticity.
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